31 Days Of Flash Fiction - Day 7

The start of every week should have a little terror in it, right? ;-)


Translates Roughly As
I awake, eyes nearly swollen shut to the sound of a Disney movie in Spanish.
I know the song they’re singing if I don’t know the words. Sara used to love that movie, before they killed her for my money.
The fat guard sleeps in the chair near the door, the gun loose in his hand. My chain pulls taut but I snatch it, shoot him between his surprised eyes. Keys in his pocket unlock my chains.
In the living room our kidnapper is running toward my cell, but I’m already in front of his daughter. She’s no more than five, the same age as Sara was, and he stops, pleading in his own tongue as I point the gun at her.
“I’m going to take everything away that you took from me,” I say. I don't care if he understands.
And I make sure his daughter watches.
As I put the barrel in my mouth and pull the trigger.