Cover Reveal

So, my Twitter buddy, Steven Montano, writes some really excellent vampire, military fiction called The Blood Skies series, and you should really check it out, you won't be sorry. But Steven's a busy guy and he's actually started a new series of books called The Skullborn Trilogy, which is more epic fantasy. I wanted to give him a shout out since his cover reveal for the first book in the series is today. So without further ado, here it is:

City of Scars (Book One of The Skullborn Trilogy)

By Steven Montano

Release Date

: June 28


, 2013

Cover Art


Barry Currey

It’s been three decades since the Blood Queen led her legions on a brutal campaign of conquest and destruction, and the Empires are still struggling to rebuild.  Now, in the distant aftermath of the war, the real battle is about to begin.

Haunted by the crimes of his past, fallen knight Azander Dane ekes out a mercenary existence as he drifts from one city to the next.  His latest job is to hunt down Ijanna Taivorkan, a powerful outlaw witch desperately seeking a way to escape her destiny.

Dane and Ijanna find themselves in Ebonmark, the City of Scars, where deadly crime guilds and shadowy agents of the White Dragon Empire prepare for a brutal confrontation.  Pursued by apocalypse cults, mad alchemists, exiled giants and werewolf gangs, Dane and Ijanna soon learn a deadly lesson – in Ebonmark, only the cruelest and most cunning can survive.

City of Scars is the first volume of The Skullborn Trilogy, an all new epic fantasy adventure from the author of the Blood Skies series.

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