Social Media Won't Sell Your Book

Alright peeps, gotta get a little something off my chest that's been bothering me for awhile.

Social media: the golden god of indie writers everywhere. Published a book? Splatter it all over Twitter, gore it to death on Facebook, and rub it raw on MySpace. Wait, MySpace? Is that even still running?

Whatever, you get my drift. I see all of these articles and blog posts on the value of social media marketing for promoting your book and I'm here as the big rotten grape in the middle of all the other fresh grapes to give you a message.

Social media won't sell your book.

There, it's like a bandaid, rip it off quick and it won't hurt as much. You're saying to yourself right now, "This guy's a tool, I've read tons of articles on the value of social media and how to bring pertinent information, blah blah blah."

Yeah, I know that social media has value but I think there's been a huge disconnect between what is a good marketing plan and stabbing people to death with your book on Twitter. So you ask what is the best way to sell your book or books?

Write more.

You heard me. Write more. I read a blog post the other day reminding writers to write and not spend all their time promoting their books. No shit. Unless you wrote a number one bestseller you need to get right back on the writing horse and get going on your next project. Now. Right now.

I'm not saying don't promote your book on social media, it's a wonderful tool that's opened the door for a lot of great writers to get the word out about their latest project, but it's not the end all be all. Griffin Hayes told me once that an indie can't really expect to get their career off the ground until they've got at least three novels or collections behind their name.

So I ask you this: how the hell are you supposed to get three or four novels out there if you spend 75% + of your day promoting the one you wrote?

The bottom line is the more time you spend writing the better you get at it. The better you get at it the more people will like your work. Pair this with a higher quantity of books on your docket, great covers, well written descriptions, finely tuned editing, and a good marketing plan that includes social media, and you'll be doing well.

Like I said this isn't me telling you to stop using social media, it's a call to arms for writers who spend more time promoting than writing. Click the X in the corner of the tab that you've been flicking back and forth between Twitter and Facebook, and focus on your manuscript.

It'll be done before you know it.