Quick Review of The House on Mill Street

I'm typically not a book reviewer and my blog wasn't really set up for that purpose, but the folks over at December House publishing inquired politely if I'd review their most recent release, The House on Mill Street . So without further ado, here's my take:

This is a short story penned by Henrietta Smethurst-McIntyre. This was the first work I've read by the author who seems to have a fairly adept storytelling talent.

The story is basically a haunted house tale that intertwines the past owners and their misfortunes with the current resident who has a devious streak a mile wide. Various objects in the house have a malignant power although the author doesn't really delve into their origination. Not really sure why the house wasn't cleaned out by whomever owned it in the interim between tragedies, but the same items are accounted for in the present portion of the story.

Some areas of the story are disturbing but nothing within the tale really has the creeping affect the author set out to accomplish. Myself, I wasn't left haunted by the happenings within or taken with the concept. I think it was the vagueness that threw the story off for me. Perhaps for some this would be an element that would bring the scares and if done correctly telling less has exponential effects on the reader.

In closing the story is fairly sound with disturbing elements that make for a quick if not extremely memorable read. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a copy of the author's other work as I think she has talent at pacing and shock value. Personally I give it 3 out of 5 stars. For only $.99 it is worth the money. As always this is just my opinion and you should pick up a copy yourself to get your own take on the tale.