Writing: The Friendliest Profession

I took a little hiatus over the past month, please don't yell at me, I've been writing my keister off on my novel which is about three weeks away from being done.  I'm very excited but that's not what I'm writing about tonight.  Tonight I'd like to just say a few words about an aspect of the writing industry that I just recently realized: it's the friendliest profession in the world.

Now, that's a pretty profound statement but hear me out.  The reason being that it's the friendliest is there's no actual competition between writers.  Sure you may compare yourself to another author or be a little jealous when he or she is outselling you but the nice thing about books is they are a 100 % renewable resource.  A person doesn't go on Amazon, spend three months researching which book they'd like to purchase and then take another five years to read it.  The people that are true readers read several books a month, at least I know I do, and there's millions of them out there!  Personally I've been so happy to help out a few fellow indie author's lately.  Whether it's been on Twitter, Facebook, or just by purchasing a copy of the book. 

A great example of authors helping authors is Mr. Griffin Hayes.  He's a really great guy who's written some pretty scary stuff.  Right now his first novel Malice is selling really well on Amazon.  Griffin was kind enough to interview me on his own blog which can be found here.  By having me on his blog it helped draw more people to his books while also giving me exposure which is really great. 

All in all I can't say enough good things about the other authors I've met so far.  Even some of the bigger names like Jeremy C. Shipp and Michael R. Hicks have responded to me when I've sent them messages and I have no doubt that in the future they would help me with a project if I asked them.  (Just a side note, I've noticed that these really successful authors put their middle initial as part of their name.  A coincidence?  Perhaps not.  Maybe I should do that too.  Hmmm.... I'll mull that one over for awhile.)

Anyways, that's my dose of love for the week.  Basically just giving a shout out to all the authors out there that realize the more people read, not only their books but everyone else's too, that we'll all be better off.  Until next time, keep writing, reading and I'll catch up with you soon.