Horror- Psychological vs Gore

Hey everyone, just a quick post this week about styles of writing in the horror genre in general.  There seems to be two definitive approaches to horror writing these days.  One is the psychological horror (I would say a lot of Kealan Patrick Burke's stuff falls under this heading) and gore horror (Edward Lee is proficient at this one).

My recent publication, Midnight Paths, is mostly gore horror with a few stories of mind warping going on in the midst of all the blood and guts.  In my opinion, a really creepy book has a good mixture of both, Stephen King has done this countless times, and if a story is completely composed of one or the other it might be too lopsided to run so to speak.  I like to refer to one of my favorite movies as a perfect example of psychological horror- Signs, by M. Night Shyamalan.  For most of this film you don't see the bogeyman.  You know he's there, by the fear seen in the characters, glimpses of something in the corn field, and mainly in the threat of losing something precious.  If you haven't seen this movie, go get it right now, don't wait, go right now and watch it, you won't be sorry.  

In my new novel I've tried to expand on the psychological side of horror instead of relying too much on scaring people with broken bones and eviscerated corpses.  I hope to be done by the beginning of June and will post a release date here in the future.  

Well, that's it for this week, just a random thought I had and figured I'd share.  Feel free to post your comments and thoughts!