How Important Are Your Dreams?

So I caught myself daydreaming the other day while I should've been editing a recent novella I wrote. I was pacing around the house thinking of ideas for an upcoming novel, how the scenes would play out, what the main character would have to endure, and how readers might react. Then I went on to think about how my novella might be received. Of course as writers we all hope that our work will be applauded and widely read but our doubts about our own abilities and imaginations keep us in check.

As I realized I wasn't working I chided myself and went back to the computer to sit down, but then realized I was being a bit harsh. I was stifling my daydreaming because of a self-imposed deadline. Normally I'd applaud myself for staying on task but this time I stopped and allowed myself to continue daydreaming because I realized that if you focus your dreams they become something else.


Visualization becomes planning. Planning gives birth to doing. Doing results in progress. Progress breeds momentum. Momentum feeds into accomplishments.

Accomplishments become realized dreams.

So the next time you find yourself daydreaming about something, don't cut yourself short. Allow your mind to wander. Visualize yourself receiving an award, getting that publishing contract, or simply finding readers that love your work.

Then connect the dots. With a little luck and persistence your daydreams will become your reality.

The endgame always starts somewhere.

Don't forget to see the forest beyond the trees.