31 Days Of Flash Fiction - Day 25

Hey everyone! Just a quick note- a writer friend of mine (and social media roommate) Julie Hutchings asked me to write a flash fiction piece for her site and she posted it today! So hop on over to Deadly Ever After and check it out!

Okay, onward and forward. This one's a little more sentimental but I like it. Hope you do too.

Wrought Life
This house, it’s all I have anymore.
We bought it together, the day we were married. I fashioned a wrought iron arch over the garden and we planted our vegetables together.
The swing on the front porch rocks sometimes and I can still see her, sitting, sipping tea. Her hair is wisps of white dandelions, floating away now.
She’s gone. Has been for years.
My children come and see me here and they tell me that this place isn’t my house and that I didn’t plant the garden outside.
That the wrought iron arch isn’t there.
But I can see it. I can see it all as well as I can see her.
Sitting here beside me.