31 Days Of Flash Fiction - Day 12

Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of Lineage yesterday, I really appreciate it! It's still priced at $.99 so if you're so inclined you can still get in on the deal here.

Hope you enjoy today's story!

In The Night
She held his hand, close to her chest and tried to fall asleep.
Had he touched her with this hand? She supposed he had. There was no getting around it, he’d been unfaithful before and she’d ignored it, but this time was different.
She traced the lines of his palm in the dark, wondering at which juncture their lives had intertwined. Had they always been meant to be together? Or had fate made a mistake? She didn’t know. All she wanted was to have everything back the way it was before, but that wasn’t going to happen.
She rolled over and put his hand on the nightstand. Tomorrow she’d cut off the other one if only to get his wedding ring back.