Dream Come True

So this is the year for really cool things to happen to me!

On top of Thomas & Mercer picking up my thriller, The River Is Dark, I'm now allowed to tell you guys about a blurb it just got from one of my most favorite authors of all time. The one and only, Blake Crouch!

Here's what Blake had to say about River:

“Hart approaches every sentence with a precision and care that armors the entire piece with a welcome sturdiness. More than anyone else, Hart’s delicate touch with landscape and character reminds me of the great James Lee Burke...If you love stories that get your pulse racing and dump adrenaline into your bloodstream, there is so much to love within these pages.” —Blake Crouch, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Wayward Pines Trilogy

Holy God, I'm just going to sit here for a minute if that's okay with you? 

Okay, I'm back. If you're an author and have received kind words from one of your literary heroes about something you've written, then you know the kind of elation I'm feeling right now. 

I've been reading Blake's work for years now and have always admired his style, the blistering pace of his stories, and his incredible imagination. The first book I read by him was his thriller RUN. If you guys haven't read it, quit reading this and go buy it, I'll wait. 

Okay, back? Good. Also his Wayward Pines series is by far the most exciting and viscerally written trilogy I've ever read, you should really check it out if you haven't done so already. 

So there it is. Unbelievably happy right now and can't wait for River to be re-released. Thanks goes out to Blake for taking the time from his busy schedule to read the book and to Jacque at Thomas & Mercer for putting it on his radar, appreciate both of you very much!