THE LAST GIRL is a Kindle First title!

Absolutely thrilled to announce that THE LAST GIRL is available to Amazon Prime members as of today through the Kindle First program! 

Kindle First allows Prime members to download one of six titles available for free during each given month prior to their publication date. 

I can only describe my feelings right now as ecstatic/terrified/overjoyed. I've been working on THE LAST GIRL in one way or another for nearly a year and half. To have the day finally arrive when all of your effort goes out into the world for people to see is indescribable.

There are several people I want to thank because without them the book wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you to my wife, Jade who is always my first reader. Thank you to my former editor, Kjersti Egerdahl for all of your insight and constant support. Thank you to my editor, Jacque Ben-Zekry for your belief in the book and unending encouragement. Thanks to the rest of the excellent team at Thomas & Mercer for all the hard work. Thank you to Tegan Tigani for all of your great suggestions. And thanks to Blake Crouch for urging me to pursue the biggest idea I've ever had. I couldn't have done it without you all! 

If you haven't checked out THE LAST GIRL it's available here.