My Feelings On Back To School

Tomorrow's the first day of school for my kids.

They're not super-excited. A little, but not super.

I thought about how this time of year makes me feel and needed to put down my thoughts.

Hey! My blog! I'll put down my thoughts!

So here we go.

Today we did lots of fun stuff together as a family, got home in time for me to cook dinner. My wife cleaned out their backpacks, washed them, hung them up to dry. My daughter labeled her pencils for a half hour so no one would take them tomorrow.

As a writer I get to stay home and do what I love to do everyday, but I must admit, when there's no one else in the house, I do get more done. I'm alone with my thoughts. It's quiet. I can think clearly with my ideas making the loudest noises I hear. Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and pound out a couple thousand words on my WIP. Then I'm going to go workout, and then pick my kids up from their respective schools.

And as much as I'll relish the time to work, I'll be truly looking forward to getting them back home and listen to them tell me about their first day. I'm going to make them snacks and cook them a special dinner and help them do their homework. The quintessential feeling is hard to express but it's something along the lines of appreciating what you have when it's not there.

I do love my time alone to write.

But the house gets too quiet sometimes.

And when my family gathers together in the evening is when things are the best.

That's it, a little gushing about my loved ones. Thought I'd share. Hope everyone else who's sending their children off to school tomorrow has a great day.

And a great evening when they come back home again.