New Novel Unveiling

So I've been busy writing my fingers off and editing my brains out and it's finally time to reveal my latest novel which will be out August 6th.

The River Is Dark is my first foray into thriller territory and I'm really excited about it. Below is the synopsis.

Ex-homicide detective Liam Dempsey is waiting to die. 

His career, the only thing he ever knew how to do well, is over. The single solace each day brings is the ever-growing contemplation of suicide. 

But when his estranged brother and sister-in-law are brutally murdered in their bucolic town set on the banks of the Mississippi River, he is drawn into an investigation surrounding a string of killings unlike anything he has ever seen before. The murderer is ruthless, cunning, and without conscience. 

Soon Liam learns that the river is dark. 

And so are its secrets.

So that's it for now. Like I said,

The River Is Dark

comes out August 6th and I'd be really pleased if everyone took a peek at it when it goes live. Thanks for stopping by!